Eszter Rabin the founder of Sidai Designs is a graphic designer by trade, who spent nearly 15 years in advertising and later ran her own artisan business. Since 2009, she has worked with artisan groups all over the world, providing strategies and tools for branding, product and business development.

Rebecca Olivia Moore is a designer who has worked extensively throughout Africa since 2008. She has developed innovative techniques, redirected brands, introduced luxury labels and helped to build sustainable business models, which have bridged a gap between cultures, empowered people through job creation and ensured vast improvements in accessing international markets through design-led craft.

Julie Benaim has worked for 30 years in business, and in Welfare and Community development. She recently spent 18 months in Swaziland, Africa working with orphans and vulnerable children. Since returning to Australia has continued her passion of working with young people, and empowering women and communities.

Emanuel Melubo Laizer a Maasai warrior from the NCA was an integral part of establishing Sidai Designs in Tanzania. As a member of the community he was uniquely placed to connect Sidai Designs to Maasai women who were interested in using their traditional beading skills to generate an income. His understanding of the Maasai culture is an invaluable asset linking the artisans and the production activity of Sidai Designs.