We collaborate with Maasai women to produce and market unique, hand-made, high-end beaded jewelry using traditional techniques. By bringing these products to international markets, we drive the demand that preserves the beading traditions and helps to economically sustain the women and their families.


The rich heritage of the Maasai culture is a strong influence for many of our collections. We want our pieces to reflect the uniqueness of the culture while maintaining a contemporary aesthetic appeal. This synergy is realized by drawing upon the experience of our team at Sidai Designs. It is the use of traditional artistry and creativity that characterizes the design DNA of our products.


Working with Maasai women means more to us than just the empowerment and benefit it can bring to the individual, it is also about engaging a community. Our organization is built on strong ethical principles and guiding values, creating hope and pride amongst the Maasai community. Utilizing traditional craftsmanship empowers the women and builds a foundation for continued development.


From conception to design to finished product, we instill the highest level of attention to detail and quality control. We use recycled materials as the backbone for many of our products while also incorporating high quality components to create exclusive pieces of

ASHE NALENG: "Thank you" in Maa (tribal language of the Maasai) and don't forget to spread the word!