Sidai Maasai Women Organization or SMWO is the charitable arm of Sidai Designs based in Tanzania.

We empower Maasai women through income generation, community development, investing in installing skills, knowledge and education. This encourages sustainable livelihoods, giving the women financial independence while preserving the Maasai culture and showcasing it to the world. The beading project helps the women reach their full potential and gain independence through earning their own income.

Through creating sustainable employment for them, their social status improves which enables them to have freedom to make decisions, educate their children and break the poverty cycle. We aim to expand our reach through the powerful ripple effect of job creation. With your support, SMWO will continue to improve the lives of artisans, their families and their community members.

Ashe Naleng (Thank you in Maa, the tribal language of the Maasai)