Eszter visited Tanzania and became fascinated with Maasai culture. After many visits to different Maasai villages, the idea of Sidai Designs was born.

A small workshop is set up on a dusty back street located in the city of Arusha and Sidai Designs starts its operations working with 5 women.

Eszter, Julie and Becky meet in Swaziland where they were all working for projects that socially and economically empower women and their communities.

After several cups of coffee, hundreds of emails and a trip to Tanzania; Eszter, Julie and Becky formed the partnership of Sidai as it is known today.

Eszter, Julie and Becky established Sidai Maasai Women Organization, a nationally registered NGO in Tanzania and opened a new studio space to house the growing number of women and increase of interest in their designs.

They launched their first collection internationally in New York and London. Today, they tirelessly work together to continually grow the organization, ensuring its long-term sustainability and ability to reach out to the Maasai women.

What’s in the name? SIDAI means “good or beautiful” in the Maasai tribal language, Maa.