We are a non-profit organization supporting Maasai women by collaborating with them to create and market beaded jewelry based in traditional beading techniques that are infused with modern aesthetics.

Our jewelry is created entirely by hand using old grain bags to create the thread, old plastic boxes to create the boning, and Ethiopian recycled aluminum for the clasp beads and sterling silver.

The proceeds from our jewelry are used to send our women to school so they can learn reading and writing, Swahili (which is the national language of Tanzania) and basic English.

We don’t believe in hand-outs; instead, we provide tools and strategies for sustainable development as well as education. Our aim is to provide hope and a sense of purpose using traditional artistry and creativity. We believe that sustainable employment will help to overcome poverty, help the women’s social standing and improve access to health and educational services, eventually helping their communities. We are committed to paying a fair income and providing safe and clean working conditions. We have a goal to provide childcare as well while the women work or attend school.

We also teamed up with Sew Tanzania to create our jewelry bags. Please visit their site for more information.