Sidai Beading Classes

Beading classes at the Sidai Center are set outdoors in our serene garden. 

Beginning with a tour of our workshop where many of our designs are produced, you will be inspired to create your own beautiful piece of jewelry, and memory of Tanzania, to take home with you.

The 2 hour class an immersive cultural experience, allowing you to learn the traditional beading techniques of the Maasai tribe while also hearing about Maasai culture. We hope you will be inspired to share about your culture with our beaders, too! 


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All classes are in English. 

Minimum class size: 2 people. Bookings are available Monday - Saturday. Sundays are available for groups of 5+ only. 

Please book a minimum 3 days in advance.

I attended the beading workshop and loved it. I did not only learn how to bead but also gained an insight into the women’s life and their culture.
— Sofia
Seeing how quickly they can bead, and the stunning designs they put together - we were all inspired. Plus some background on Masaai culture was a real insight... Loved the day, can’t recommend it highly enough.
— Tania
One of the most unique cultural experiences in Arusha. Beading class was a blast.
— Jon